blue-rooster asked:

Oh Pierre, you're looking mighty cold out there. Say, o poeta magnifica, since you seem to have some free time on your hands what do you say we have a little exchange between artisans? You pen a poem for me and I'll paint you a magnificent portrait- the likes of which Paris has never seen. What do you say?

poetegringoire answered:

It seems a fair trade. Alas, I have nothing better to do; lamentations and soliloquys will put neither coin in my pocket nor my name on the lips of the public. But what would you have me write for you, monsieur? 

Ah, poet. I do not claim to know what your muse is this week. Please write whatever it is that makes you happy- on one condition. The poem that you write will influence how I will draw your portrait, so choose wisely, O Pierre.